Welcome to Praxis! Have you been here before? 90% of the clothing is made right here in the shop. 10% is made in our house across the street & by friends in the neighborhood. We are always looking for allies, activists & artists with whom to share, organize, plan, deconstruct, paint, build, resist, imagine & create.

  • a sex-positive body-positive community space to share creative activities, ideas, & activism.
  • clothing &art crafted locally & by Praxis coordinators, Mary Hogue & Aerin Willey.

Our website is not our strong suit but our offerings beyond this domain are plentiful!

Please visit our instagram & follow us @missionpraxis if you have an account!

Connect & share with us on facebook.

Our etsy shop has a variety of our creations listed for sale online — we also take custom orders there. Nearly anything you imagine, we will create or find people to create for you.

Please email us with any questions: norganics@gmail.com


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