solstice 2015

solstice and equinox are the most important events of our year. we celebrate abundance and creativity, honor the darkest moment in this cycle, and welcome the return of the light. we gather memories and imagine futures; webs we’ve woven & will maintain, stitches sewn & hems to finish. we believe in the love and creative spirit that unites us. thank you for your support.


Praxis Artists

We have met & gotten to know many artists over the years. Here are some of the artists we have been lucky enough to feature in our shop.

Lauren Killbourne – Littlest Feather

DD – Fight2Unite

Allie Gottleib – SewsYerMom

Dijon Bowden – Souls of San Francisco

Veronika Vitkova – Recherche Clothing

Ivonne Rendon – Nomadic Bandit

Olympia Beerens – I Love My Uterus

Sabel Rose – Ava Regalia

Christopher Berger – Fresh + Wholesome

Garden of Eden Apothecary



After being invited by members of the Exploratorium to participate in making a parklet with students outside the Mission Boys and Girls Club, our plants took a little trip down the block to be arranged by the students.  The photos below are of the final design.  If you would like to see more of the process you can see them here.




From an idea….

To Reality…


On Sunday, April 28 at 1pm Mary will be in to share her sewing skills!  Alyssa will be working on her graduation dress, (check out the amazing turquoise sequins in this picture!) Sacha will be fancy, and I will, as always be excited to hear your project dreams & help bring them to life!







For this year’s Earth Day celebrations we set up sewing machines, handmade goodies & paints at CCSF’s Ocean Campus on Thurdsday afternoon & in Civic Center on Saturday. Thank you so much to Mona Lisa for the great company, space, vibes, and love.


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Made from the pattern an old, beloved vest for Lawrence from a wool Pendleton blanket.